Maintenance Attendant

Maintenance Attendant

Polokwane, Limpopo

General description:

The Maintenance Attendant will be in control primarily in contribution to the Maintenance Manager with looking after wide-ranging and repairs in guest suites, conference venues, restaurant, kitchen, laundry and all other public and office areas. Visitor suite and civic area entry-level preventative upkeep are involved. The upkeep assistant will also implement some basic maintenance’s underneath the control of the Maintenance Manager on mechanical, electrical, plumbing, kitchen and laundry equipment.


Essential Duties:

  • Assist Maintenance Manager with all wide-ranging maintenance and precautionary looking after in all hotel areas
  • Steady exchanging of light bulbs in all hotel zones when needed
  • Accountable to manage the flies poison program on a steady basis as per the timetable

Responsibilities and performance standards:


General duties and responsibilities:

The requirements of this key result zone will have been all right performed when:

  • Accountable for assisting Maintenance Manager with all maintenance procedures of the hotel, hotel property, conference venues, restaurant, kitchen, laundry and all other public and office areas
  • Responding promptly to all maintenance concerns
  • Responsible for the exchanging of all light-bulbs throughout the hotel as and when required
  • Helping the looking after Manager to perform and /or monitor maintenance and preventative upkeep projects
  • Responding to all building related safety concerns
  • Supports hotel departmental upkeep agendas and completes daily, weekly and monthly checks
  • Assisting the Maintenance Manager in maintaining the guest rooms, public areas, and back of the hotel areas in a worthy repair by carrying out various tasks related to a diversity of trades including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, painting, wall covering and tiling to make sure an good-looking and well-sustained hotel
  • Clean and keep up all fountains on hotel stuff
  • Applying flies poison in chosen parts on an even basis and as for each of the schedule
  • Helping the driver with the loading of all nonsense in the morning in order to be taken to the dump site as and when needed
  • Making sure that the back area of the kitchen that is used for all the rubbish is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis in order to obey with general hygiene and safety standards
  • Making sure that the fat trap is prepared on a regular basis for both the main- and satellite kitchenette
  • Broadcasting low standard levels on all Maintenance related stock to Maintenance Manager in order for stock or tools to be replaced
  • Keeping all motorized areas in a clean and orderly condition
  • Making sure that all maintenance tasks are done in a well-ordered and effective manner
  • Radio are in a operational state at the same time as on shift and are effectively used for communication all through shift


Interpersonal Relationships

The requirements of this key result zone will have been all right performed when:

  • Extra members of staff are dealt with in a well-mannered and useful manner at all times
  • Essential information required by the organization is accurately communicated to the appropriate personnel and any differences of opinion with other members of staff are dealt with in a manner that sustains good will and respect and sidesteps wrongdoing and conflicts
  • The Maintenance Manager is always up-to-date of detail about activities, progress and results and information and advised on matters within allocated area of responsibility
  • Guidelines from administration are treated usefully and acted upon


Guest Satisfaction

The requirements of this key result zone will have been all right performed when:

  • The guest should be greeted in a polite and friendly manner
  • Guest wants and necessities are anticipated and acted upon straightaway and Guest reviews and requests are dealt with on time and capably. Requirements outside area of authority are referred straightaway to a suitable person and needs are followed through to make sure Guest satisfaction.
  • Disappointed Guests are recognized immediately and be present to without delay. The Guest is guaranteed that the criticism will obtain the direct kindness and such complaints are fixed within the individual’s skill or are mentioned to the appropriate person. Criticisms are trailed up where appropriate to make sure pleasing action is taken.
  • The Guest is aided in every way potential to generate a relaxed and pleasing time spent at the Hotel


General and other Duties

  • The overhead service standards description identifies the key area of responsibility of the position and is not an all-encompassing description of duties and tasks. This service standard description may be topic to analyze from time to time.
  • The job compulsory will be essential to carry out related liabilities or chores in any area of the hotel as may be labelled by Management from time to time.
  • The job incumbent will be required to attend training courses as required and frequently go all-out for the improvement of own knowledge and skills.
  • The job incumbent will be required, at all times, to keep up a high normal of personal appearance and hygiene and ensure that dress and attire meet with the hotel’s requirements’ and do not diminish from the desired spitting image of the Fusion Boutique Hotel
  • The job incumbent will at all times be mandatory to condense the peak level of politeness and service to Hotel Guest even where such service may fall away from the occupants main duties or scope of this position.

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