Risk Officer

Risk Officer


Company – The Beverage Company





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Isando, Gauteng, South Africa



Job Purpose


This role will take on onsite SHER accountability, making sure that safety and health risks and dangers are timeously recognized and successfully moderated. They will also make sure that correct precaution measures are put in place to avoid coming returns of safety incidents.


Job Functions



FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector)

Food & Beverages



Key Responsibilities and Productions


SHER outline, creativeness and communications

  • Support with founding and keeping a SHER Framework of rehearses, events, policies and procedures, standards and controls for application across all geographic
  • Implement SHER mindfulness creativities and communications
  • Help with making sure that all SHER rehearses, creativities and communications are clearly defined and in a verbal way that every person can understand


Guarantee SHER Compliance

  • Proactively classify on the place of events that pose threats to workers’ health and safety and order the pause of such activities
  • Conduct steady examinations on the place of work, classify non-compliance, near-misses, dangerous acts etc. and check compliance of place of work environments, and tools
  • Implement qualifications or helpful activities
  • Compile detailed safety reports as required


SHER Mitigating Actions

  • Vouch for modifying actions and if non-agreement is in straight damage of a specific rule, process or standard, increase issue immediately
  • Help with growing modifying plans that are applied, motivated and dedicated to correct non-compliances, mitigate risks, and to avoid reoccurrences and upcoming problems
  • Collaborate with Managers and Supervisors to found modifying, control and corrective actions to drive development in SHER compliance
  • Help with directing hazardous assessments


General Trade, Economic and Public Management

  • Energetically contribute to operational preparation and make financial arrangements procedures
  • Drive nonstop development through streamlining and optimising applicable operational practices, procedures and systems
  • Make sure of observance to working and financial structures of practices, progresses, standards and controls
  • Control cost and take the essential actions to moderate any business risks or non-compliance
  • Make sure that the exact individuals capacity is in place and manage employee performance over effective and goalmouth directed individuals leadership


Behavioural Competencies

Continuous Improvement

  • Growths performance opportunities when achievement has been attained
  • Pursues out sources of data, including trade relations, “best practice” companies, customers, peers, subordinates, etc.
  • Finds ways to fast-adapt development ideas to labour procedures
  • Proactively try to find out resources, alliances, etc., wanted to rapidly introduce developments


Legal and Ethical Conduct

  • Hold onto current with all the laws and business policies that rule one’s work activities, or seek out counsel before acting
  • Obeys with all laws and business policies that rule one’s work actions
  • Hold onto abreast of ups and downs in values applicable to one’s profession
  • Acts in agreement with conventional right and professional values
  • Taking action to put force in legal, policy, ethical and professional requirements; discloses violations



  • Skill to keep it up until an active outcome is reached.
  • Takes into account another’s viewing platform when declaring a point.
  • Looks at all accessible paths of winning over another’s decision.
  • Looks for a win-win situation when winning over another’s decision.


Planning and Organizing

  • Be able to manage time efficiently, making sure effective completion of tasks under demanding deadlines.
  • Be able to prioritize actions and resources, making sure that results are attained excellently.
  • Be able to estimate growth and create proper changes to original plans, making sure a successful outcome is obtained.



  • Aid others with their labor.
  • Meets promises to group members or others in the organization.
  • Actively contributes to group discussions and the achievement of group work plans.
  • Shares knowledge and assets to help others report their needs.
  • Seeks to include all those who can donate to the most up-and-coming outcome and those who have a stake in the outcomes.
  • Actively retains all shareholders informed.
  • Attempts to revive group procedures when growth is lagging: stays tied up even when not in full arrangement with the group’s direction.



Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree (3 years) / NQF level 7 (Essential)
  • Minimum of 6 years’ experience (Operational Execution) Health and Safety; Environmental; Risk Assessments; FMCG; Legal Compliance
  • MS Excel; MS Word; E-Mail; MS PowerPoint


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