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DHL International GmbH is an international courier, package delivery, and express mail service, which is a division of the German logistics firm Deutsche Post. The company delivers over 1.5 billion parcels per year



Operations – Deliver Excellence on the Frontline

Our teams put the customer first in everything we do. From our warehouses to the roads, across the sea and through the sky – as well as customs, health & safety, and supply chain solutions, we are always looking for diligent and passionate individuals within the Group to join us.

Warehousing, Package Handling, and Distribution – Handled with Care

The teams that provide the manpower, expertise, and sheer hard work needed to ensure that everything that comes in and goes out of our warehouses does so properly and promptly.


Freight Transportation – The Big Movers

It takes a huge, dedicated team of people to make sure each and every one of our deliveries makes it to the right place at the right time, every time. And, when it comes to moving something from point A to B – whether it’s a single package being delivered locally in a van or an international consignment being shipped across the world on a freighter – our Freight & Transportation teams keep everything running smoothly.


Drivers and Couriers – The Driving Force Behind DHL

Where would we be without our Drivers and Couriers? They’re the reliable hands and smiling face of DHL. Come rain or shine, night or day, they do whatever it takes to ensure the safe, secure, and speedy delivery of our customers’ letters and parcels, time and time again.


Engineering and Maintenance – It’s Their Job to Keep Things Working

Just imagine all the equipment, systems, machinery, and infrastructure needed to run an organization like DHL. Our Engineering & Maintenance teams are responsible for overseeing and maintaining it all, keeping everything fully functional, and operating safely & efficiently 24/7.


Supply Chain Solutions – the Strongest Links in the Chain

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes – from small, enterprising start-ups to many of the world’s top brands and biggest corporations. Developing tailored and innovative supply chain solutions that can meet the demands and challenges of them all is what makes our Supply Chain Solutions people the much admired and highly valued team that they are.


Customs, Security, and Shipment Value Protection – Relax. You’re in Safe Hands

Thanks to the hard work and diligence of our expert and experienced team, our customers can relax knowing they’ve got a one-stop-shop for all their customs, security, and shipment value protection needs. Our people help to move goods seamlessly all around the world, ensuring complete security in challenging environments and providing shipment value protection against unforeseen events.


Health, Safety, and Environment – Safe and Sound

It takes a hard-working team of professional and conscientious individuals to create a safe, healthy working environment – not only for our colleagues but also for our customers and the general public. Luckily, we’ve got just the right people to do it. By focusing on the unique challenges that DHL faces, our Health, Safety & Environment teams work with every department across the organization to provide the guidance, advice, and support they need to meet all their Health & Safety requirements.


Pilots and Flight Operations – the Sky’s the Limit

All around the world, our customers rely on DHL to fly their letters and parcels to wherever they need them to be with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss. This is why we rely on our exceptional Pilots & Flight Operations teams to help us make sure that’s exactly what we do.




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