Our Accredited Learnerships

Transcend provides a range of accredited Learnerships to meet the training and skills development needs of organizations and learners.

To apply learnership in Transcend, you require to fill, complete and submit

Application form

Transcend is a company that runs some businesses in advisory, capital, and talent. They split the company becomes two parts. First, Transcend Capital that focuses on ownership advisory and transaction structuring, and the second, Transcend Corporate Advisors focuses advisory across the rest of the BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) scorecard. Until today, Transcend has trained more than 7000 youth South Africans, employees, and professionals.

Follow these simple steps to complete the application form:

Enter your email address;

Fill in your first name, last name, mobile and home phone numbers, age, date of birth, gender, home language, equity code, south African citizen checklist, and identity number (upload your copy of ID);

Your address information, relocation confirmation, disability checklists (upload doctors letter only for disabled person), criminal record confirmation;

Programmes available: choose learnership, internship, or Apprenticeship.

Wealth Management

Business Administration / Practice

Contact Centre Operations / Practice

Generic Management – Inventory and Inventory Control

Generic Management – Manufacturing

Generic Management – Planning and Scheduling techniques

Generic Management – Process Manufacturing

Generic Management – Banking

Generic Management – Customer Management: Banking

Generic Management – Skills Development: Banking

Generic Management – Strategic Management: Banking

Generic Management – Manufacturing Control

Generic Management – General Management

Hygiene and Cleaning

Information Technology (various options available)

Fill and attach qualification certificates, this includes all qualifications/courses outside of your formal school education such as: diplomas, degrees, post-graduate, masters, and Ph.D. Short courses and certificates may also be included but ensure that you attach the three highest qualifications.

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Closing Date

There is no exact date for Transcend learnership programme closing date. Just apply as soon as possible.

Transcend Contact

If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact me through these available contact options:

Phone number: 011 442 2433

Email: info@transcend.co.za

Address: 21 Scott St, Waverley, Johannesburg, 2090